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    James Heneage created the successful bookshop chain Ottakar's and co-founded the Chalke Valley History Festival. The Mistra Chronicles began in 2013 with his first novel, The Walls of Byzantium.
    The Walls of Byzantium

    Book One

    Heron Books

    The Towers of Samarcand

    By James Heneage
    The follow-up to The Walls of Byzantium.The third in the series will be published July 2015.For fans of Game of Thrones and The Da Vinci Code.
    Heron Books

    The Walls of Byzantium

    By James Heneage

    This sweeping historical novel is shaped by the quest for a mysterious relic, guarded through generations, and by one man that might yet save the threatened Byzantine empire.

    In an age of clashing empires, dark forces from the east are endangering the first light of the western Renaissance. It is an age of ruthless rulers, divided churches, fractured dynasties and intrepid traders. It is an age of great cities like Venice and Constantinople; an age of conquerors like Tamerlane who will drown the world in blood; an age when only a hero of exceptional gifts can make a difference.

    Luke Magoris is that hero. Born the son of one of the Varangian guards who had sworn to keep the secret relic safe, he will find himself committed to a long journey to discover - and try to avoid - his destiny. He will travel from battle to trading fortune, from horse dealing to captivity, and to the love of three very different women and the unrelenting enmity of two remarkable men.

    The Walls of Byzantium is the first of a series that will leave you impatient and longing for the next.

    'A compelling narrative of intrigue, love and war' The Bookseller.'A stirring tale of the struggle for Byzantium. Heneage brings to life both the tragedy and the heroism' Tom Holland.'Fascinating historical mysteries and vivid colourful characters. It's a page-turner fast enough to make its own breeze' Conn Iggulden.An epic novel set in fifteenth-century Europe, featuring dynastic conflicts against a backdrop of the first great clash between Christianity and Islam.James Heneage created the successful bookshop chain Ottakars and co-founded the Chalke Valley History Festival. He lives near Salisbury.
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